Three Canon T7 Lenses And When to Use Them!

Canon T7 lenses

The Canon EF/EF-S lens mount of the Canon T7 camera is compatible with 326 native lenses. But that doesn’t mean you need hundreds of lenses for your shots. You’ll only need a few ones. 

But how do you ensure you get the best lens for Canon rebel T7? We discuss three types of lenses in the parts below along with details of when you’ll need to use them for your Canon Rebel T7.


Normal/Standard lens for Canon T7

These lenses have a mid-range focal, often between 35 mm to 85mm. 

The visual angle and perspective of this lens are similar to what the human eye sees. While they are often used for street, travel, and portrait photography. 

Telephoto lens for Canon T7

Telephoto lenses usually have a long focal length.

This focal length usually starts at 85mm, with a high magnification that makes it easier to shoot images from a distance. While they are usually heavy and may require tripods or monopods, telephoto lenses on your Canon T7 are suitable for diverse uses, from sports to wildlife photography. 

Canon T7 wide angle lens

Wide angle lenses have a broad field of view.

They usually have a short focal length, something between 14mm to 35mm. These lenses are easily able to capture more of a scene with a single exposure. They are popular among professionals within the landscape and architecture photography niches. 


There are many types of lenses available, but you only need the best ones. 

As we’ve tried to show above, the type of lens you’ll need will most importantly depend on the kind of photography you’ll most often be doing. Once you’re able to decide what this will be, the bulk of the work is done. After that, you can easily choose the best lens for Canon Rebel T7, according to what your photography sessions demand. 

best lenses for Canon Rebel t7