GoPro Cameras Prices and Deals for 2018

Since 2002, many technological advancements in cameras were made, from the film camera, people moved towards digital Camera and now DSLR took much of the Market but Go Pro camera never changed their principal shape.

Best GoPro Camera

However, the best GoPro prices added lots of new features to compete with the market and they created their own taste in Camera Industry. GoPro Cameras are easy to carry with all the features of professional DSLR camera. Following are some notable reviews of the best GoPro Cameras;


This is the simplest camera of GO Pro. It is 10MP with 1080p quality. It is waterproof and gives a high-quality picture. Pictures are neither in HD nor WD. Hero 7 white is good for newbies learning photography. It has also a voice sensor and touch screen. Its official price is $199.


It is also 10 MP camera with voice sensor and touch screen. In addition to the features of H7 white, there is a GPS and 2x focus. The picture result is 4k30 and gives WDR images. Its official price is $299.


It is the most advanced camera of this series. It is 12mp with an addition of a digital LCD screen in front which shows the functions performed by the camera. Its camera result is 4060*1080 and yields a high-quality HDR image. Its official price is $399.


This is the most advanced form of camera developed by GoPro. A squire shaped easily to carry camera yields a high-quality 18MP result. Pictures can be transferred at one go from camera to mobile. The resolution for its video is 5.3k30. Its videos and pictures can be easily edited on Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. It has all the features of DSLR camera and preferred by camera lovers all over the world. Its official price is $599 and is the best camera created by GoPro till now.